Don’t Fence Her In . . .

The lady takes much pride in the fact that she is a product of Dennery. Although not a professional model, she arrived at our studios clearly in a mood to knock our socks off, which she did, from the moment we set eyes on her—even before she’d exchanged...
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Brangelina Calls It Quits!

Heart Breaking to say the least. Hollywood’s favorite couple may be no more! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been partners since 2005 and finally in 2014 they tied the knot. Unfortunately and quite sadly, Angelina Jolie has decided to it call it quits with their marriage when...
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NotNice Claims Popcaan Didn’t Need the Beef With Movado

Seems Drake may end up in the middle of this feud since he has major collaborations with the dancehall icons Popcaan’s main producer, Notnice has spoken out amidst the recent feud with Movado. According to Notnice, “Popcaan didn’t need the feud because his career is already big and...
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Borrow me yuh man for the weekend nuh?

Okay, so it seems the online bom association—henceforth to be referred to as the OBA (not to be confused with OBE!)—has given up on me. I heard not a word not a word not a word from them this week. Still I’m wondering how many laydees responded to...
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Jail House Make-Up Routine

Orange is the New Black: Though just a TV show, it offers proof you can still look fabulous even behind bars! Okay, so maybe we’re not in Bordelais Correctional Facility but hey girls let’s face it, our pockets may keep us prisoners from the look we really want....
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Local radio sizzles with Bizzle!

Ron Lucian Isidore, professionally known as Ronny Ron Ron Bizzle and Mr. Sexy, is the latest addition to the RCI’s stable of disc Jockeys. How did he get into the field? 2Nite took the opportunity to ask him recently. Ron: Party promoters always need deejays to play before...
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Aidonia Marries Long Time Fiancé Kimberly Megan

After four years of being engaged and welcoming baby their baby son in two thousand and thirteen, dancehall artiste, Sheldon Lawrence a.k.a. Aidonia tied the knot with long time fiancé, Kimberly Megan, on Saturday. A source said, the couple got married at Firefly, Saint Mary in Jamaica, tying...
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