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Biky B: Spilling the Beans

Hello to all my peeps out dere, Biky B is back after a really long vacation, boy. But to tell you de truth I had done hang my hat up already, you know. But after all dem lickyleaks, and all de requests, ah say ah had to come back. After all, who better at leaks dan Biky B, right? So here I am, and trust me ah go be around for ah long time, as opposed to dem fellas who have short-term measures, if you know what ah mean.

more pep: Well boy, first tings first. How de heck ya’ll women end up in church with pepper spray? Like ya’ll take de holier-dan-thou minister so serious. Ya’ll start de maywpis and de shade throwing on Facebook and end up inside, outside and around de church with ya’ll pepper spray battle. Next ting you know police involved and now de matter in court. Now mind you one ah de girls involved in de fracas is an ass-piring politician, eh.

Hole in One: Talking about de holier dan thou minister, you mean to tell me all de bible you quoting you never hear what de good Lord had to say to de Scribes and Pharisees and de adulterous woman? After all dem years you spend sneaking around with Felix de Cat one woulda tink you’d ah be more cunning in your glasshouse behind de bush. But awah, not in dat spruced up hairdo!

flying High: Boy dey say love is blind but ah tink by now for a certain local pilot, his ting is what happen on de ground let dat stay on de ground. Is horn left right and center he getting from his wife and he still dere holdin’ tight. De latest bout was when a female lawyer catch de pilot wife with her husband, cozying up like two dolphins in a Pigeon Point sanctuary. Well boy judging by de speed she drive off, maybe dey shoulda consider a Nascar race track in de area too.

in plane site: But men, doh tink Biky B eh have ya’ll number too. Like dat fella who is an accountant and his wife overseas. Just de other day de man say he going down south for de weekend and end up on a plane with de jabal. Then again maybe going down south is his favorite ting, if you know what ah mean. But de truth is both de jabal and de wife know about his lying cheating ways and they ready to put him out wit de other dogs. eh ben bon.

Anyway, ah go have to leave it dere for now. You done know: places to go, people to see, tings to do an’ all ah dat. But no worries, ah go be back on your case again next week. But if you have any beans you pick up and wanna send me, just put dem in my inbox at bikyb@gmail.com okay? See ya’ll later.

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