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Biky B: Spilling Da Beans

Boy, ah have to say ah never realize how much people was missing Biky. De kinda feedback ah get all through de weekend. Ah tell you it almost knock me back on my you know what. So lemme just say thanks to all ah you for de emails and de comments.

Tithing or Tiefing: I hear more people dan ever looking towards de church for a helping hand dese days, but boy is like some pastors too busy helping demselves to worry about other souls in need. A member of a certain Castries congregation tell Biky B dat if anyone want to pass her pastor a love gift it better not cost less dan $250. It seem dats de rules of de church. De member tell Biky B not even for her husband she buying gifts so expensive. She choops and tell me she eh going to dat church again because is only money dem preachers into, and sometimes with a little flesh on de side too, eh.

Flying priest: Talking about gents of de cloth, well boy de grand Pooba and de Dove clash again on Saturday. Now from all Biky B know dem two have long history. I mean going back till when. But at de weekend is like people decide to forget all dem stories about de fada being more dan an ordinary fada. Know what I mean? You shoulda hear de cheers he get when he stand up to give de Dove a clipping on behalf of de dolphins. De man of de cloth get so vicious not even Steven Seagal couldn’ta save de Dove.

cab sex: A certain former cab-sec have plenty of time on his hands dese days. And just by coincidence, so does his side chick. So naturally is hanky- panky morning, noon and night. Like she give up on everything else including de yout. De way tings going de deserted young people will either have to find another spokesperson or do dere own campaigning. Dat’s de trouble with living in glass house. You cyan be tellin’ de youth to stay away from married men while you eh taking your own advice.

soupap: Just when you tink you’ve heard it all. Dis one had Biky B rolling on de floor. De way dey tell me, dis Looshan saleswoman was overheard telling a tourist in jewelry store about how her man is a cheating dog. Imagine de tourist just come to buy a ring for his wife but somehow de saleswoman end up telling him her private business and how all Looshan men good for is cheating. She go as far as telling de tourist dat she discover vajie juice from a next woman in her husband car. Doh ask Biky how she know is vajie juice on de car seat. Or how it got dere. Or how long it sitting dere. Little did Ms Saleswoman know de tourist is a big-time radio personality in Toronto. Next ting her story end up on de man show dat a lotta Looshans does listen to. De man mention de name of the jewelry store and he even describe de saleswoman who tell him about what she find on her hubby car seat. In no time de story gone viral and everybody talking about de “Looshan vajie Juice episode.” Boy, ah tell you!

On dat soppy note ah tink ah have to go wet my throat. Ah go leave it dere for now until next time. Doh forget, you can always drop me a line at bikyb@gmail.com okay. Ah gone!

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