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Biky B – Spillin’ da Beans

Maysyay ah eh go lie, but it really hot dem days you know. It look like ah go have to really tun tings op to compete with dat heat and make dem beans drop like its hotter than ever. Make me feel like singing Ricky T de ting on fire! Talking about fire de first soupsyon have something to do with dat, so read on:

Fire One: Boy oh boy! You mean to tell me this girl working at a particular hotel go and get her tail fired for some rum? Now mind you de rum she tief wasn’t even for herself. De girl who working at de bar at de hotel, go and pour de rum in a water-bottle for some fella. Next ting you know security find de ting by de ice machine where she hide it. And just like dat she had to face de hotel court and get fired. Eh ben bon.

Love Hurts: Some members of a women sports team dat travelled last week still trying to figure out if is fake two girls among dem fake their injury. De way Biky B hear it, seems like de two female lovers were getting frustrated with de head of de team who was complaining about how dey were getting on. Ah hear de girls say dey were not allowed to display their affection on tour. Next ting de two girls come back home before de end of de tournament, claiming injury. Ah guess dere are different ways to be injured right?

Sugar Daddy: A local sugar-daddy and his wife are in serious problems dem days. Ah hear de wife realize dat de man syphoning their joint account to spend money on a little honey on de side. Well boy, when de wife discover dat, he come up with all kinda stories about what he doing with de money. But no way de Maths was adding up. So de last ting ah hear is dat de wife seeking legal advice on de matter and considering divorce.

Cops and Robbers: Boy ah doh know, but it look like is not tickets alone de local cops running out of. Ah get some beans about another cop again dis week. De young police rookie ah hear, getting horn left right and center from his woman but he refuse to leave. Biky B hear dat de woman was de first to give it to him so good and now he eh want to give up de soo-pap. Ah hear de man even telling de woman dat he doh mind if she bring other man in de house, just doh put him out. Ah tell you Lifetime cyar make up dem stories you know.

Anyway that’s my space. Biky B have to leave it there for now and go and hop around like de Easter bunny to see what egg like beans ah get this weekend. So enjoy your holiday weekend and check me out again next week in de 2nite magazine. You can also drop me a line at bikyb@gmail.com.

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