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Temptation Island Anyone?

French Superstar Kalash is one of the performers slated for this summer’s Temptation Island event.

Who remembers Temptation Island? It was one of the most exciting annual beach parties to hit St Lucian shores, and it was hosted by Blazin FM. Temptation Island was the beach party you had to be at if you wanted to pay one price to party all night long and get an unlimited supply of drinks. As a matter of fact, it is the event that started beach parties inside Pigeon Island. Unfortunately, it was stopped in 2014 because the venue got too small for the massive crowd. However the Blazin Nation has decided, due to popular demand, to bring it back, and they’re doing it in the biggest way possible! One word: Kalash.

Everybody loves him: the ladies love his look, his locks and that luscious French accent and the guys can relate to his very real lyrics. Kalash, who is from Martinique, has been in the rapping game for over eight years and is now one of the best, especially in French and Creole-speaking countries. With over 1 million YouTube channel views

and over 350 thousand followers on Instagram, it’s very obvious why this rapper, who takes his music influences from Trap, Dancehall and Reggae, is taking the world by storm. His hits such as ‘Bando’ and ‘Taken’ have been playing non-stop in St. Lucia and if you still don’t know who he is, then you need to get on board before July 1, 2017!

The iTunes chart-topper will be here in St Lucia on Saturday July 1 to perform at Temptation Island, which has now been turned into a day break event. And if Kalash wasn’t enough to get excited about, the Blazin fraternity, along with some of their French friends will also be gracing the stage alongside several artists from Saint Lucia.

The show, which will now be located at the Pigeon Island side lawn, will feature an all-new gold pass. Said gold pass offers a premium experience, inclusive of food and top-shelf drinks. Understandably, the gold pass will be available in extremely limited amounts. Tickets go on sale May 1, 2017.

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