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Jean Atem Headed for Cloud 9

Just twenty years old, this young and upcoming artiste has won over hearts with his music and videos. He’s usually partnered with his best buddy Rayvon because they just know how to complement each other’s sound. The duo first flushed the public talk with their visually and audibly catchy song Drop. Since then they have been “dropping” tunes that are hotter each time. Jean and Rayvon’s latest video was released last month and has since racked up over 30,000 views on YouTube!

2Nite: How did you get into the singing business?

Jean: My cousin who I spent a lot of time with was really into music and writing. I suppose spending time around him made me interested in it too and I started singing and writing, and eventually I took it seriously.

2Nite: Where’s the thrill… studio or on stage?

Jean: Stage! Definitely the stage. There’s so much energy while doing a performance from the audience and the musicians, its just vibes from that kind of response. When I’m in the studio it feels more like work where everything has to be perfect and done over and over to get the desired sound.

2Nite: How has the response been for your latest video?

Jean: It’s honestly been crazy because it’s in places all over the world now, even in Dubai.

2Nite: What was the experience like filming “Your Thighs”?

Jean: It was interesting because Rayvon and I directed it and we were excited when the girls agreed to be in front of the camera. They were really encouraging because we didn’t think they would be so enthusiastic about it. Innovative guys that we were happy to work with did the cool lighting in the video. The studio was right down our road and we didn’t even know about it before, it was new and we were the first to use it.

2Nite: Which artist/musician would you love to go on an international tour with?

Jean: I’d say Bieber because I’m going more into pop music and that’s what he does. I think the crowds he attracts would appreciate my music as well. I can identify with him in his style of music.

2Nite: What is your writing process?

Jean: I basically just put on a beat while I’m in my bedroom and the words just come to me. It’s just a flow where lyrics come fit into the sound and a song comes about.

2Nite: Where do you get your inspiration?

Jean: Inspirations definitely come from different experiences and situations from my life. Places inspire me to especially Canada and Europe, and then there are women. In my last song I was thinking of this girl who was giving me way too many signs.

2Nite: What do you do when you aren’t writing?

Jean: Basically the gym. I work out six days a week and focus on eating and living healthy. I totally enjoy going to parties, especially the wild ones and I go to plenty.

2Nite: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Jean: I can see myself being everywhere and that’s what I’m working on now. In five years my music will be all over the world and I’ll be on tour.

2Nite: What’s your strangest pet peeve?

Jean: Probably corny people, although it sounds mean. But I don’t like the fact that people won’t admit that music is good because of other irrelevant reasons; like maybe not liking me.

2Nite: Something most people don’t know about you?

Jean: That I’m actually a really cool person, I might seem stuck up but I try to make the people around me happy. I’m thankful for those who are in my life who have stuck by my side.

2Nite: What should we look out for in the upcoming year?

Jean: Well Cloud 9 is a single we’re releasing soon, so that for sure.

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