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Man Crush

He’s represented Saint Lucia on many occasions including as a Queen’s Young Leader, but no matter how far he roams, Tevin does it all for his island home.

Name: Tevin Shepherd

Age: 23

Current occupation: Student (MA in International Social Development)

Hobbies: Travelling. I wanna go to 30 new countries before 30, right now I’m at 19 in less than three years. I enjoy being photographed, maybe in another life I’d be a print model [laughs]. I’m also about the gym life.

What do you love about Saint Lucia?

It can be a bad thing, especially when it comes to productivity, but I enjoy the laid back, easy going, take off your shoes and go to the beach any day kind of life. Amazing. The people too… Our people are warm and friendly.

Best attribute of a woman: Ambition and intelligence turn me on. You don’t have to be the smartest, but someone who has an idea and takes initiative to drive that ambition, despite socio-economic position. That’s a turn on right there.


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