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Biky B: Spillin Da Beans

Yeah boy, Biky B eh go lie, tings were tun up for de Easter Weekend. Ah real enjoy myself ee! I eh know but Looshans like a good time and last weekend it was fete and baccahanaal all over de place. Never mind some voleurs try to spoil tings. But doh mind dat is like dey say, we jamming still.

Cyar Rise: Talking about jamming, a particular company brand manager was jammed really hard by main squeeze, when she catch him in action in Soufriere. De man was caught red handed with his baby mama who he say he had nothing with. De ting is de man tell his woman he eh have money to take her to de show in Soufriere so he go just hang out with his padnas. De woman self say she will chill Pigeon Point by Aqua Mele. But de ting is she done get de soupsyon de man would be in de Souf. So she track him. Well boy, after she confront him around people, my boy just cool it in a corner whole night.

Church Donkey: So as ah was saying, it was de Easter weekend and de end to Holy week. But it would seem like some Christians were getting involved in some real roro instead. Dey tell Biky B dat heads of a particular denomination were brought before de church regional council for discipline. De way ah hear it, seems like one a de church pastor’s wife was involved in some hanky panky with another pastor while another one was sending her some flirty Whatsapp messages. Talk about a religious menage-a-trois! But one of de accomplices in de matter say he eh attending no discipline meeting and if dey mention his name he sending lawyer letter. Now de church trying to keep tings hush, hush and eh want to bray too much about what is going on.   

My Song: Talking about braying, deh have some people who does hardly attend a calypso tent but want to make noise about de plans to have a one song competition dis year. Now ah eh know about you, but each year is like de Calypso ting getting more boring and de songs lack any kinda pep (no pun intended). So what ah going and listen to dem fellas sing two songs for? So ah vote was taken to make de ting a one song competition and de people making de most noise is de ones showing up once ah year winning some money and running away. Anyway ah hope good sense prevail and ah go hear at least one good calypso from each calypsonian dis year. For now is like everyting is on de down low.

Alimoney: Boy I eh know how some woman so gullible? You mean to tell me dis chick married to a local singer for more dan twenty years and overnight she meet a Nigerian and now calling for divorce? De way Biky B hear it de man say he is a millionaire and want to set up business in Saint Lucia so he go take care of her and make her his business partner. So next ting you know, woops waps she in hook, line and sinker. And to tink is de husband dat introduce her to de man. Eh ben bon!

Ah go leave dat here for now people. Doh forget to send me some of your beans, soupsyon, roro, gossip- whatever you want to call it- just doh call it fake news okay.

You can send me your stuff at bikyb@gmail.com. In de meantime check me out next week again right here in this space in de 2Nite magazine.

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